01 Jan 2019

The importance of hiring an advertising agency

It is not only experience and creativity but we will save time and money if we hire the right professionals.

It is clear that currently communication in a company is an essential action. If you do not communicate and you are visible, you do not exist. Therefore, we all agree that it is important to create communication strategies that allow you to give your company the strength and value it needs to achieve its objectives.

But is everyone agreed to hire communication specialists? Many companies do not have an advertising agency because they believe it is an unnecessary expense, but they forget that the work of an advertising agency covers different aspects such as correctly communicating our products or making the brand known to new markets. It is a necessary investment based on trusting specialists to carry out a good communication work through different strategies to achieve the proposed objectives.

An advertising agency helps companies by adding value, developing, building and maintaining their brands. They also achieve a clear positioning, making known all kinds of benefits (functional and emotional) and the personality of the brand, managing to communicate its essence. All this serves to create a significant differentiation with respect to the competition.

Through a good communication strategy, your company will create a personal relationship with its target that will directly affect the sales of the company. Communicate, in addition to making yourself known, allows you to create an image in the mind of your target audience about your brand. Getting this type of link requires a lot of time and perseverance, therefore, it is important to hire an agency that is dedicated full time to the communication of the company. You have to avoid thinking that the communication of the company is a secondary aspect and that it is simply done when you can, because in the long term it can have a serious impact on your business.

Benefits of having an advertising agency

Experts at your service / creativity

An advertising agency has expert and senior staff, giving you a wide range of creative ideas. It is undeniable that 5 or 7 heads think more than 1 or 2, and if in this case having the support of an advertising agency we can make all those creative minds work to generate a brilliant idea, we have gained one more step towards positioning of our brand.

In this digital age and with a constant bombardment of information and publicity, it is necessary to have an ally for the development and correct communication of the brand strategy of each company, hence the importance of having the support of an advertising agency that can provide integral service

Save of time and money

Having the support of an advertising agency eliminates the need to have a Marketing Department, since with them you can achieve a great team with a better saving of time and money.

In terms of time, hiring an agency implies that you will no longer have to invest work and staff days in the development of an advertising campaign. This is especially important if you do not have personnel dedicated exclusively to advertising. Most small business owners are busy enough managing their businesses to give the creation of an advertising campaign the time and energy they need. Therefore, you can free yourself to spend more time working directly in your business.

Regarding the cost, although it may seem that the hiring of an advertising agency will be too expensive, you should bear in mind that their services can save you a lot of money when looking for spaces to place your ads. Unlike if you personally approached to make a direct deal, most agencies have discounts on publishers and radio and television stations. In addition, they can also easily redesign ads to make them shorter and more efficient, saving more and more money for your company.


An advertising agency will help you understand the communication framework, the risks involved in certain actions and guide you to achieve a corporate identity that corresponds to the desire of the company. If you need to create the logo, corporate image, a mobile application for an online business, a website with online sales as well as organic or paid positioning for your business to be successful you can count on an advertising agency.


The most important part is to be able to continuously optimize all the actions, since it is very difficult for us to have a campaign with the KPIs that we want at first and for that we need a team that can work daily to achieve them. Creating and executing a communication plan is not a matter of a month or half a year. It is something that must be constantly updated and maintained, since it is worthless to leave once in the media if you do not have continuity.

If you need an advertising agency for the development of web pages, mobile applications , marketing, creative design, contact us today.


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