Month: January 2019

31 Jan 2019

12 SEO benefits

Here we will go over on how SEO affects the quality of your website or your online store, having a direct impact on the success of your company. A website with SEO well planned and executed benefits from a greater possibility of retention at the same time that you will receive more free publicity from […]

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15 Jan 2019

7 things you need to start a web page

What do I need to start a web page? Yes you are thinking about building a website, but you are new to all this and do not even know where to start. You can easily find yourself frozen before you start if you do not have a clear list of steps to follow. To help […]

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01 Jan 2019

The importance of hiring an advertising agency

It is not only experience and creativity but we will save time and money if we hire the right professionals. It is clear that currently communication in a company is an essential action. If you do not communicate and you are visible, you do not exist. Therefore, we all agree that it is important to […]

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